Definitions for "Glasgow"
The largest city in Scotland; a port in west central Scotland.
Western Scottish city, pronounced "Glaz-go," not "Glass-gow"
Glasgow (Glaschu in Gaelic; or Glesca/Glesga in Scots) is the largest city in Scotland.
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Glasgow, Montana is an station stop for the Amtrak Empire Builder. The station had 6,279 boardings during Amtrak's 2006 fiscal year, an decrease of 108 boardings from FY2005. The station, platform, and parking are owned by BNSF Railway.
Coma Scale - a form of bedside testing which is performed to estimate whether the patient's neurologic condition is deteriorating or improving. It checks such things as pupil size and reactivity, eye movements, motor functions, body temperature, pulse and respiratory rate, arterial blood pressure, and other pertinent data so that changes may be recognized early and appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic measures instituted. A score of 7 = coma. A score of 14 = fully alert.
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a Christian Youth Charity and seeks the help of a PR or Marketing Student for three months to assist with development of a newly created Resource Development Department
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a wonderful building, with great staff)