Definitions for "Montana"
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Child Support Enforcement Division Department of Public Health and Human Services P.O. Box 202943 Helena, MT 59620 (406) 442-7278 1-800-346-5437
Montana Environmental Information Center 107 West Lawrence Helena, MT 59601 ph:(406)443-2520
Office of Teacher Education and Certification PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501 406-444-3150
Jungle, forest. The term usually applied by Peruvians to the heavily forested slopes of the Eastern Andean valleys and the Amazon Basin.
tropical foothills of the Andes. The region of the coca leaf and tropical fruits are grown (see Yunka). (page 248)
Originated from a mountain region
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Residential Energy Code: 93 MEC with state amendments, mandatory statewide for jurisdictions that adopt codes. Commercial Energy Code: ASHRAE/IES 90.1, mandatory statewide, for jurisdictions that adopt codes. The complexity of the commercial code has been cited as a reason for non-compliance. The state received FY96 DOE funding to provide training and technical support for builders, designers, and code officials.
Montana is the state song of the state of Montana. It was written by Charles Cohan and composed by Joseph E. Howard and was adopted as the state song on February 20, 1945.
Montana is a song composed by Frank Zappa for his 1973 LP Over-Nite Sensation. The last track on the album, it is one of Zappa's most famous and renowned compositions. Its main features are the drum fills at the beginning and the appearance of Tina Turner and the Ikettes's backing vocals throughout the entire track, notably on the middle and ending sections.
up to $30 Mont. Code Ann. S 27-1-717 (2002). /TD
The Pledge must be recited each school day, led by either teachers or their surrogates or over the intercom. The school district shall inform all teachers and students of their right not to participate in the Pledge. If any student or teacher objects to reciting the Pledge for any reason, he does not have to do so, and may instead engage in the nondisruptive alternative activity of his choosing. In evaluating teachers and students, the school district may not include any reference to the studentâ€(tm)s or teacherâ€(tm)s not reciting. Mon. Code Ann. §20-7-133 (2005).
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Yes 1993 Flexible 406-444-3665$50.00 None
YES Lifers do have to serve a minimum time before they are eligible for parole.
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In December 2000, the Public Service Commission (PSC) ordered retail electric competition delayed until 2004. In January 2001, SB 243 was introduced and if enacted delays retail competition until 2007. In March 2001, the PSC determined that under SB 390, it is authorized to regulate MTP supply rates through 2004.
Optimara variety. Medium, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with single, white flowers and medium green leaves. Introduced 1987. Improved 1991 and 1995. (AVSA Reg. No. 6579 and 7495) More information.
The Montana was a paddle steamer that was wrecked off the north coast of Bermuda on 30 December 1863.
The Montana was a Missouri River steamboat built in 1879. It sank in June 22, 1884 after colliding with the railroad bridge near Bridgeton, Missouri. Ironically, the railroad also ended the steamboat era.
First case: People v. Drummond. Sexual intercourse without consent allegedly committed by a State institution attendant against a developmentally disabled patient. The victim gave birth and DNA comparisons were done by Lifecodes. Defendant pleaded guilty. Jefferson County, 1989. Data Bank established: no Legislated Admissibility passed: no
Maiasuara peeblesorum Herbivorous duckbilled dinosaur; Cretaceous
MAULER Operation in April 1966 in the central demilitarized zone involving elements of the 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), as well as U.S. Marine Corps units
The following parties may adopt: any single person at least 21 years of age a married couple filing jointly, or a stepparent filing without the spouse joining a married person at least 21 years old who is legally separated from the spouse an unmarried parent of an illegitimate child
3,000 deduction; $6,000 for married couple filing jointly
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If the contract is cancelled within sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans) from the date shown on the application and registration page, and no claims have been made, you will receive a full refund. If a claim has been made against your contract, of if the contract has been in effect more than sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans), a pro-rata refund will be calculated based on the greater of the time in force or the miles driven compared to the total time or mileage of your contract term, less a $50 cancellation fee.
30 days (10 days if no deductions)
10/1/83 Amended 7/1/91 All vehicles sold in this state, including the non-residential portion of a motor home and excluding trucks of 10,000 lbs. GVWR or more and motorcycles. 4 repair attempts - 30 business days out of service 2 years or 18,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
Thomas Philip Hoffman President Summit Aeronautics Group
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Yogo Sapphire and Agate
Consumer Loan Act Exemption
No license required for first lien mortgage loans. License Numbers 813 and 813-S Department of Administration License to Contract Consumer Loans
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Awareness Week Oct 15-21
Awareness Week October 15-19, 2007
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
Grasshopper Glacier, named for the grasshoppers that can still be seen frozen in ice
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25 Washington 30
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Include tips or other gratuities received by employees that are reported to the employer for tax purposes. Do not include amounts that exceed those reported for tax purposes.
No State Sales Tax
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Developed 3 to 5-year-olds ELGs were developed in 2004 covering multiple domains and applicable to all early care and education settings.
a state in northwestern United States on the Canadian border
H.B. 331 Restricts the placement of tobacco vending machines.
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a wax pull-up with a soft and glossy hand
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Authorized Mortgage Banker and Broker
Insurance Required: Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Minimum Liability Limits: 25/50/10
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No current entries
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Billings 591$144$154$17$16$2,426
Department of Administration 675
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24 hours
Montana State University Extension Service
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Not yet approved to do business in this state
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Deed of Trust
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State Energy Office 406-444-6697
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Montana Water Center
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mt st s 2-9-313 State Example