Definitions for "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA"
the district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the nation's capital and carve out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia
District of Columbia Bar Association Hispanic Bar Association of D.C. Greater Washington Area Chapter Women Lawyers Division National Bar Association
Office of Paternity and Child Support Enforcement Department of Human Services 800 9th Street, SW, 2nd Floor Washington, DC 20024-2485 (202) 442-9900 (no toll-free number)
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Enhanced city-wide. Current program: Centralized, District-run, test-only, basic I/M program with biennial inspections. Proposed: Centralized, test-only, enhanced program with biennial inspections. Full implementation of the I/M program planned for January 1999.
A two-year phase-in of electric competition begins in January 2002. Residential customers will receive a 7% rate reduction, while commercial and governmental customers will receive a 6.5% rate reduction over a four-year period. Utilities are permitted to recover non-bypassable competition transition charges and net transition cost. Potomac Electric Power Company's sell of generating assets in Maryland was approved; proceeds will be used to recover stranded costs and above book value proceeds will be shared with customers.
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Missouri Tennessee
Any person may adopt. A husband and wife must file jointly to adopt, unless the person is a stepparent; then the natural parent need not join in the adoption.
3,000 deduction; $6,000 for married couple filing jointly; a couple with one child must have two accounts to get the full $6,000
L. Henry Gilford Chief Executive Officer Gilford Corporation
State Energy Office 202-727-4700
Developing Prekindergarten A team of early care and education stakeholders is developing early learning guidelines for children ages birth to 5.
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Banned from July 2004.
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DC 11 Ohio OH 39
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extends full FMLA protections to workers in companies with 25+ employees
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(DC)$1,000$25,000 5.00% of the unpaid installment amount
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DC Water Resource Research Center
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Deed of Trust
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45 days
dc st s 50-1403.02