Definitions for "CRC"
Cyclic Redundancy Code. An error checking method for digital signals.
Cyclic Redundancy Check. A test used to confirm that data has been delivered without error. In a data packet, the CRC character is calculated by assigning binary values to blocks of data.
Common abbreviation for Cyclic Redundancy Check.
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The currency of Costa Rica. ISO international currency code: CRC. Learn...
Costa Rican Colon
Costa Rica Colon
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Cancer Research Campaign
Co-operative Research Centre. A joint research centre established by a combination of several organisations or institutions with funding from a government grant and industry input.
Community Residential Centre
Civil Rights Center
Cessation Resource Center
Colorado Resource Center. The annual Colorado Resource Center contract between the State of Colorado and the Denver Public Library is the mechanism through which the resources of the state's largest public library are made available to all the people of Colorado. Contract funds pay for the Denver Public Library's interlibrary loan services and partially offset the cost of direct service to Coloradoans living outside Denver.
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Cruz Roja Colombiana
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Camera Ready Copy. Laser printed A4 pages supplied direct by the author can be used to print the final book. The process involves "photographing" the pages, and reducing the size by 30% to fit on a standard book page. OUP can supply authors with templates for creating CRC manuscripts. The main advantage with CRC is that it can significantly shorten the time to publication, although there are no opportunities for making last minute changes.
Communication Readiness Certification, See para. 2102.
abbreviation for camera ready copy.
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese of the U.S.A.
Credit Review Committee. A committee that reviews the collateral status of FHLB members and determines collateral policies and procedures.
CONTRACT REVIEW COMMITTEE. A standing committee established for such purposes as specified in law or these regulations.
The Contract Review Committee. ()
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Count and recount.
Christian Reformed Church OCCE Office of Conferences and Campus Events
Canadian Reinsurance Conference. An annual meeting of Canadian insurance companies and reinsurance companies that provides a forum for current life and health insurance and reinsurance issues. The CRC establishes the Canadian Reinsurance Guidelines.
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Crescendo Crest Factor
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Quantization matrix
Central Resource Collection, a facility that buys resources from all Core Resource Partners and sells them to the public.
Corporate Resource Council
Coastal Resources Commission. 15-member board appointed by the governor that has responsibility for policy and regulation concerning coastal management.
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Confraternity of the Rose Cross
Computer Room Consultant. A student available in each classroom to assist with any technical difficulties the user encounters. The CRC's are recognizable by the royal blue vests they wear over their shirts. There are also usually signs over the computers they work at identifying the CRC's.
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Convention for the Rights of the Child
Child Resistant Closure
CONTAMINATION REDUCTION CORRIDOR. That area within the Contamination Reduction Zone where the actual decontamination is to take place. Exit from the Exclusion Zone is through the Contamination Reduction Corridor (CRC).  The CRC will become contaminated as people and equipment pass through to the decontamination stations.
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Crown Room Club -- the airport lounge program for Delta Air Lines.
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Cambridge Regional College.
code and responds with either a positive or negative acknowledgement.
Customer Reference Code. VAT Capable Suppliers can input a CRC at the point of sale up to a maximum of 16 digits being alpha or numeric. An example would be a Job Costing number.
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see CES Request for Cataloging
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Crop Revenue Coverage. A type of federal crop insurance in which the revenue guarantee is based on individual farm yield histories and futures prices. CRC covers revenue losses due to a low price, low yield, or any combination of the two. It differs from other revenue insurance programs by allowing producers to use the higher of the planting price or the market price in determining a target level of revenue.
Continuously reinforced concrete. Concrete with reinforcement of approximately 0.6% of the cross sectional area.
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Community Residential Care
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Credit Reporting Company