Definitions for "CRO"
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. A laboratory instrument used in the measurement and study of waves.
Cathode ray oscilloscope. A relatively complicated voltmeter capable of displaying the time variation of voltage. It is used extensively in AC measurement and in digital and analog electronics
Cathode ray oscilloscope (see Oscilloscope).
contract research organization. An organization contracted by a drug sponsor to manage various steps in the clinical trial process, from study design to trial execution, data management, analysis, and medical writing.
Clinical Research Organisations
Collective Rights Organizations
Centros de Referencia y Oportunidades
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Chief Risk Officer
Common Wealth Relations Office
Constituency returning officer. A constituency returning officer (CRO) is ultimately responsible for organising elections in his or her constituency for the Mayoral and London Assembly elections. Constituencies comprise between two and four London boroughs. The CRO is the returning officer from the borough with the largest number of voters.
Crystallography current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
ss-listed course: course with the same content taught under agreement with two or more departments. Cross-listed courses generally, but not always, share the same course number. The University of California, Riverside General Catalog and this schedule identify cross-listed courses.
Carded for record only. Pertaining to medical cases not treated on air "excused from duty" status, but of sufficient seriousness or of sufficient potential medical or administrative interest that individual medical records are required to be prepared in the same manner as for "excused from duty" cases
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Crisis Response Operation
electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities
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see Conditional release order.