Definitions for "ERO"
European Radiocommunication Office
Education Review Office. (See the ERO website) Back to A-Z menu
Equal Rights Officer
Explicit Route Object. One of the fields in RSVP messages. It specifies the route that the RSVP tunnel should take.
Explicit Route Object. An extension to RSVP that allows an RSVP PATH message to traverse an explicit sequence of routers that is independent of conventional shortest-path IP routing.
Electric Rehability Organization - a propsed international organization to develop mandatory and reliability standards for approval by appropriate jurisdictional authorities in Canada and the US relating to the interconnected transmission grid on both sides of the Canda/US border - funding and delegation of authority obtained frm regionalentities.
Electronic Return Originator. An ERO is a person who is an Authorized e-file Provider that originates the electronic submission of a tax return. The ERO may be the person who prepares the tax return and obtains the taxpayer's signature on Form 8453 before transmitting the return.
Electronic Return Originator. The Authorized IRS e-file Provider that originates the electronic submission of an income tax return to the IRS. EROs may originate the electronic submission of income tax returns they either prepared or collected from taxpayers. Some EROs charge a fee for submitting returns electronically.
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Engine Running Onload/Offload - leave the props spinning, open the doors and unload/load the cargo and pax.
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Exact Repeat Orbit
Enterprise Resource Optimization
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Early release observations