Definitions for "Dao"
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(Tao): The way. The "natural" way.
Disc At Once recording. Refers to the ability of certain CD-Recorders to record a CD-R or CD-RW disc in one continuous operation. This is necessary to avoid glitches when playing recordable audio discs. (cf Track at Once).
This is a single-session method of writing data to a CD-R/RW disc that creates a disc in a format suitable for commercial duplication. Basically, the entire...
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Knife, or broadsword
The iron axe/knife of the alpine peoples. A machete-like blade mounted on a shaft the same length as the blade. Used as a utility tool, it is also deadly in combat. In battle, the weapons are often used in pairs.
A single-edged sword with a straight, heavy blade.
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(dah'-oh) One of the principal wine regions of Portugal. It is known for its well aged red wines.
Predominantly red wine from Portugal made using similar grapes to those in Port.
(down) region in central Portugal
Data Source Database
Data Access Objects. Objects that are defined by the Microsoft Jet database engine. You use data access objects, such as the Database, TableDef, Recordset, and QueryDef objects, to represent objects that are used to organize and manipulate data in code. A high-level set of objects that insulates developers from the physical details of reading and writing records. In a database application, for example, these objects include databases, table definitions, query definitions, fields, indexes, etc.
Data Access Objects. Programming interfaces used by an application developer. DAO includes the full functionality of the Microsoft Jet database engine for local data management, and ODBC version 3.5 includes ODBC Direct for fast access to remote data. See also Jet and ODBC.
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The sabre.
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District Administrative Officer
division air officer
Defense Attaché Office
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DeOxit DMA DRAM Dvorak
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Double Action Only Doble Accion Solo
Dào was an administrative division of ancient China and the Republic of China, translated as "circuit".
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