Definitions for "Hilt"
Keywords:  pommel, sword, grip, dagger, guard
A handle; especially, the handle of a sword, dagger, or the like.
The area of the sword excluding the blade and including the guard, grip, pad, and pommel.
English, The portion of the blade just above the handle, where the blade enters or attaches to the handle.
Keywords:  goettel, evin, punk, alan, skinny
Hilt was a collective group of Vancouver musicians, usually referred to as a side project of the group Skinny Puppy. The group was comprised of Alan Nelson, a seminal member of many local Vancouver rock & punk groups, on vocals, with c Evin Key and D.R. Goettel on instruments.
Keywords:  orcc, shaft, scrotum, piece, skin
The piece of skin under the penis connecting the shaft to the scrotum. - ORCC