Definitions for "Sabre"
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A sword with a broad and heavy blade, thick at the back, and usually more or less curved like a scimiter; a cavalry sword.
To strike, cut, or kill with a saber; to cut down, as with a saber.
See Saber.
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Sensei Sabre is a 2nd degree black belt in Mugen Budo Jiu-Jitsu and a member of Team Xtreme. He is a brilliant intellect and is very knowledgeable in any subject. An exceptional fighter, Sabre also has the unique ability to talk himself out of any situation.
One of the first graphic novels, Sabre (subtitled Slow Fade of an Endangered Species), by writer Don Mc Gregor and artist Paul Gulacy, was a trade paperback published in August 1978 by the company that would become known as Eclipse Comics.
Sabre is a mutant super villain in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Men #106.
A computerized travel reservation system.
Sabre is a computer reservations system/global distribution system (GDS) used by airlines, railways, hotels, travel agents and other travel companies. Sabre GDS is a unit of Sabre Holdings' Sabre Travel Network division. Current North American hosted carriers include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Cape Air Nantucket Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Midwest Airlines and USAirways.
The Sabre is a class of twelve-foot-long (3.7 m) single-handed sailboat. The boat was designed in 1974 by Rex Fettell, who also designed the Minnow. As of September 2006 approximately 1,720 sail numbers have been issued.
Sabre is a variation of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), featuring the turret from a Fox reconnaissance vehicle mounted on the hull of a Scorpion.
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Equipment used by the colorguard
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see Elron.
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