Definitions for "Razor"
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A keen-edged knife of peculiar shape, used in shaving the hair from the face or the head; also called a straight razor.
shave with a razor
a device used for shaving
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"Razor" is a very short story by the Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov. It was first published (as Britva) in the expatriate Russian literary magazine Rul' in 1926, but a French translation did not appear until 1991, and an English one (by Dmitri Nabokov, the writer's son) not until 1995.
An instrument used by the Caucasian to enhance his beauty, by the Mongolian to make a guy of himself, and by the Afro-American to affirm his worth.
The Razor scooter was originally developed by the JD Corporation. Its design took over 5 years to perfect by a then 44-year-old mechanical engineer named Gino Tsai, the owner of JD Corporation. His inspiration came from the ease of mobility of old- fashioned scooters, but he needed something smaller and more compact to ride around his sprawling bicycle factory so he wouldn't have to walk so much.
Razor is a Mexican military officer in his mid-twenties at the San Diego Tribulation Force fortress. He is introduced in Armageddon shortly after Chloe Steele Williams disappears. He is very military-like, and refers to men that he speaks with as "Sirs," which he eventually quits doing after Buck Williams tells him enough times.
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Razor (real name Jake Clawson) is a fictional character of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.
Razor, or SpamNet, is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network. It establishes a distributed and constantly updating catalogue of spam in propagation. This catalogue is used by clients to filter out known spam. Razor2/SpamNet use a variety of signature algorithms to detect polymorphic spam. trimMail Inbox consults it, and adds its input to the message score. Visit for more information.
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Bargaining 1 & 2 - S6 - Leader of Hellions, the demon motorcycle gang who attack Sunnydale when they are told the Slayer is a robot.
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a device used to cut hair from the face or other areas of the body
a distinctive breed of horse with a sharp black and white pattern
a great way to get lots of sharp layered lines, but don't let your stylist use it every time because it will make the ends of your hair get fuzzy and frizzy
Razor is a Canadian thrash metal band formed in 1984 at Guelph, Ontario The group shot music videos for songs such as "Evil Invaders", "Shotgun Justice", "American Luck", and "Sucker for Punishment". The band dissolved in 1992, but reformed in the late 1990s to record another album, titled Decibels, in 1997. The band dissolved again, and reformed in 2005, and are currently planning to record another studio album.
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A tusk of a wild boar.
Razor is a set of Java- and JOGL-based medical image tools which can be composed into a standalone application or integrated into other medical imaging applications. Via JOGL, Razor uses OpenGL to enhance and accelerate some medical imaging functions.
a push-cutting tool