Definitions for "Cleaver"
Keywords:  butcher, knife, hatchet, chopper, blade
One who cleaves, or that which cleaves; especially, a butcher's instrument for cutting animal bodies into joints or pieces.
A large knife with a triangular blade, used for chopping or dicing.
A butcher's implement for cutting animal carcasses into pieces.
a machine that separates a fiber into two pieces
a must-have tool for the serious home chef
an indispensable tool for every kitchen, and we're glad we chose Henckels
Cleaver is a program for comparing restriction endonuclease digests of orthologous DNA sequences from different taxa. It performs virtual restriction digests and searches for endonucleases that cleave DNA fragments from given taxa but not others.
Keywords:  handaxe, homo, species, early, type
a type of handaxe used by very early species of Homo
Keywords:  sprinkle, nice, sword, don't, basically
a nice general sword, and it is basically good so long as you don't sprinkle