Definitions for "Chopper"
Originally, a motorcycle that has had all non-essential parts removed (or "chopped") to make it lighter and faster. Today, this name generally applies to custom built motorcycles that may have a rigid frame (no rear suspension), an extended fork, and a stretched or elongated appearance.
Slang for a motorcycle that has been stripped (chopped) of unnecessary parts in order to lighten it. Current usage includes the extremely elongated frames popular with custom bike builders, built long and low but without consideration of weight.
refers to a special type of motorcycle that was radically customized to meet the owner's needs and desires, especially the Harley-Davidsons as seen in the 1969 movie Easy Rider. In California and Florida of the 1950s and 1960s, some motorcycle enthusiasts removed (chopped, stripped) all parts which were big, heavy, ugly or not essential to riding, like fenders and even front brakes.
A heavy, relative thick edged, minimally worked stone tool presumed to have been used in chopping and cutting activities.
A natural pebble with a crude, steep cutting edge formed by unifacial percussion flaking.
A crudely flaked core tool, especially one of the early Paleolithic Period ( 2004).
See hatchet.
A companion is choppery when he is surly and unapproachable and therefore looks hatchet. faced: hence having a chopper on.
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A helicopter. City Slicker A Desert Rat's term for Nike personnel stationed near large cities. From "Spike Jones and the City Slickers", a band popular at the time.
Thompson sub-machine gun, also called a Tommy gun.
one who chops or cuts into pieces; an instrument used for cleaving or cutting up; a machine gun or gunner; a helicopter
One of several tools used for mitering moulding. Choppers may be foot- or power-operated; there are some tabletop models operated by hand. Two blades come down from the top to cut both miters at once.
an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades
a butcher's knife having a large square blade
Chopper is an Australian 2000 drama-crime thriller-black comedy film written and directed by Andrew Dominik based on the semi-autobiographical books by Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read. Read is an infamous Australian criminal, convicted for wounding a man and attempting to kidnap a judge, and who has admitted to murdering many people. Read donated all proceeds he earned from the film to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne
Chopper (a.k.a. Marlon Shakespeare) is a fictional character in British comics 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. He appeared in numerous Judge Dredd stories, including "Oz", and got his own eponymous series.
(aka: "duffer" or "hacker") an erratic and/or unskilled golfer whose technique often results in large divots being left on the fairway.
A player who hits a lot of chops.
a homemade machete that gets used in a lot of gangfights here
An internal circuit in some adjustable frequency drives which regulates output voltage by quickly turning on and off the power applied to the output section of the drive. Drives which use a chopper to control output voltage commonly use a diode bridge rectifier input section.
a solid-state On/Off switch, which connects load to and disconnects it from the supply and produces a chopped load voltage from a constant-input supply voltage
a static device that converts a fixed DC input voltage to a variable DC output voltage
a motorbike that has been stripped of all not absolutely necessary parts (plastic chassis, aerodynamic
The first airmobile combat action in Vietnam, commencing in December 1961.
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see logger.
Movable optical element inside the instrument which allows to change the location of the field of view on the sky while the telescope points on a fixed celestial position. It is either used for beam modulation in differential measurements by switching between the source position and an adjacent position such that alternatingly the emission from the source and background together and background alone is measured or for sampling along a scan line in a step can.
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Graphical viewers for Java logging messages, accepting events sent from both Log4J and JSR147 . The main aim is to be lightweight, flexible and robust.
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a grounder that bounces high in the air
older mature culled animal used for byproducts (small goods).
A circuit that converts dc to ac by periodic interruption (chopping) of the dc.
A chopper circuit is used to refer to numerous types of electronic switching devices and circuits. The term has become somewhat ill-defined, and as a result is much less used nowadays than it was perhaps 30 or more years ago.
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See Inverter
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informal terms for a human `tooth'
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A style of play where chopping is the primary shot.
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One who, or that which, chops.