Definitions for "Fairing"
Bodywork and/or windshield at the front of the motorcycle designed to deflect the wind. Also used to refer to side panels on, for example, sportbikes.
The plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber or metal panels that wrap a motorcycle for aerodynamics, wind/weather protection and design.
Frontal bodywork on a motorcycle intended to make the vehicle more aerodynamic and/or reduce wind pressure on the rider.
An auxiliary (support) structure used to reduce air drag.
a smooth structure put on the outside of something
This is the process of manipulating the definition of a hull shape to create a smooth surface for construction. Traditionally, this has been done on a drafting board using splines, ducks, and ships curves applied to stations, waterlines, buttocks, and diagonals. By computer, this is done using curvature analysis applied to the rows and columns of B-spline surfaces.
Used to protect satellites before and during the launch, and while crossing the lower levels of the atmosphere; it is jettisoned once the launcher leaves the Earth's orbit
A shell located at the top of a launch vehicle that contains the payload or spacecraft.
Small porcelain pieces originally available at European country fairs and bought as souvenirs such as trinket boxes, match strikers or a decorative pieces with an inscription.. They often showed scenes of everyday life.
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a god send for rain or windy days
The body work in front of the driver. The nose cone is part of the fairing, but also the 'driver fairing' which is mounted before the steering column.
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re-forming distorted steel to its original form or shape.
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Fairlead Fall Off
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A present; originally, one given or purchased at a fair.