Definitions for "Streamline "
Of or pert. to a stream line; designating a motion or flow that is free from turbulence, like that of a particle in a streamline; hence, designating a surface, body, etc., that is designed so as to afford an unbroken flow of a fluid about it, esp. when the resistance to flow is the least possible; as, a streamline body for an automobile or airship; -- the current usuage prefers the term streamlined.
to design or modify so as to present the least possible resistance to fluid flow; -- used mostly of vehicles, such as automobiles, airplanes, or ships.
a type of fluid flow in which each layer of fluid follows a smooth path past other layers without crossing over or becoming tangled (also called laminar flow)
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The position used to maintain maximum speed after a start and/or push-off from the wall in which the swimmer's body and arms are in a tight position.
the position used by swimmers when starting and/or pushing off the wall to reduce water resistance.
The position used by swimmers when starting or pushing off the walls designed to reduce water resistance.
Curved shape designed to minimize resistance to motion through air
To shape an object so that it creates less drag and moves smoothly and easily through the air. Airfoils are streamlined, as is the fuselage.
The action of shaping the body so as to reduce FORM DRAG. (See also DRAG, FRICTION DRAG, WAVE DRAG)
Streamline is a stream-based networking subsystem for Linux that spans from hardware to userspace to offer high-speed communication paths tailored to individual applications. It transparently supports specialized hardware resources and in-kernel processing through safe functional units.
Streamline is a network stack for Linux that build per-application optimized datapaths. It supports in-kernel acceleration and dedicated hardware . Obvious uses are intrusion detection, network address translation, and media streaming.
Taking appropriate actions to (1) reduce the time required to procure; (2) reduce the cost of acquisition; and (3) improve the quality of the acquisition through more effective, concise communications.
to change so as to make more efficient; -- used especially of organizations, procedures, or methods.
contour economically or efficiently
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