Definitions for "Reynold's number"
a dimensionless expression used in predicting flow patterns
A dimensionless number of used in fluid dynamics that relates the inertial and fluidic properties of the system. Flow properties such as laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layer thickness are determined by the Reynold's number. Low Reynold's numbers generally relate to flow conditions where viscous affects dominate and high Reynold's numbers relates to fluidic systems with predominately inertial characteristics. In most inkjet systems, internal ink flow is the low Reynold's number regime.
A dimensionless flow parameter, ( Jnr/m), in which J is a significant dimension, often a diameter, n is the fluid velocity, r is mass density, and m is dynamic viscosity, all in consistent units. ( 060)
An equation used to determine the friction factor required in the Darcy-Weisbach equation.