Definitions for "Can velocity"
Keywords:  baghouse, acfm, laden, velocity, upward
The velocity of the gas in the passages between the filter units in the filter house of a gas filter. ( 044)
In a dust collector with the filter elements suspended from the tubesheet, can velocity is the upward air stream speed calculated at the horizontal cross-sectional plane of the collector housing that passes through the bottom surface of the filters. Can Velocity = ACFM / area of the tubesheet - (# of bags x area of the bottom of the bag)
The theoretical speed of dust laden air as it passes upward between the filter bags. The formula for calculating can velocity is as follows: The square area of the baghouse (length x width) minus the area occupied by the bottom of the bags (the sum of the areas of the number of bags) divided into the volume of air in ACFM given as velocity in fpm.