Definitions for "Advection"
The transfer of atmospheric properties by the horizontal movement of air, usually in reference to the transfer of warmer or cooler air, but may also refer to moisture.
The horizontal movement of things like temperature and moisture by the wind; transport of an atmospheric property by the wind.
Advection is transport by mass flow of a medium; for example, water. Convection describes bulk water transport (i.e., flux) through porous media. Diffusion is the net transport of solutes within the liquid, solid or gas phase resulting from random (Brownian) motion of individual molecules in response to a concentration or other gradient.
The process of transfer of fluids (vapors or liquid) through a geologic formation in response to a pressure gradient that may be caused by changes in barometric pressure, water table levels, wind fluctuations, or infiltration.
Similar in spirit to "convection," but referring to forced flow under more general circumstances.