Definitions for "FLUCTUATIONS"
Continuous ups and downs in markets.
(or “flucs”). The ups and downs of your bankroll.
(n). This word describes the ups and downs of your bankroll. Sometimes abbreviated as "flucs"
Cognitive fluctuations will be noticeable to those who are close to the person with LBD, such as their partner. At times the person will be alert and then suddenly have acute episodes of confusion. These may last hours or days. Because of these fluctuations, it is not uncommon for it to be thought that the person is "faking". This fluctuation is not related to the well-known "sundowning" of Alzheimer's. In other words, there is no specific time of day when confusion can be seen to occur.
See Anisotropy, Inhomogeneity (in the cosmic microwave background)
Variances in data, which are caused by a large number of, minute variations or differences.
changes or variations, e.g. seasonal fluctuations in heating oil use
In a forecasting sense, fluctuations are changes in demand or plotted data.
increases or decreases in costs of labour and materials.