Definitions for "Seasonal"
products that are available for a limited or seasonal period (including Christmas/Easter lines, limited edition products, etc.)
products which are available for a limited or seasonal period.
showing periodicity related to the seasons; applied to vegetation exhibiting pronounced seasonal periodicity marked by conspicuous physiognomic changes.
It refers to any event or activity of a regular nature. Often data is smoothened to remove out the spikes and provide a better basis for analytical purposes. Examples would include data on commodity prices, employment statistics, and other economic and financial time series.
The component of a time series that varies with the calendar seasons. That is, it is a repetitive component with a period of one year.
an event that occurs during a certain time of the year.
an article that relates to a particular time of year.
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These are beers brewed only at certain times of the year, for example, winter ales. They are available usually for only a month or two.
A type of payment schedule where payments due in designated “high season” months are higher by a certain multiplier than payments due in other months.
Occurring or being used in a specific season; as, seasonal items for sale.
occurring at or dependent on a particular season; "seasonal labor"; "a seasonal rise in unemployment"
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Of or pertaining to the seasons.
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Bets made before the season stars.