Definitions for "Season"
One of the divisions of the year, marked by alterations in the length of day and night, or by distinct conditions of temperature, moisture, etc., caused mainly by the relative position of the earth with respect to the sun. In the north temperate zone, four seasons, namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, are generally recognized. Some parts of the world have three seasons, -- the dry, the rainy, and the cold; other parts have but two, -- the dry and the rainy.
To qualify by admixture; to moderate; to temper.
The four seasons of Mer are Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Northhawk. It is also a measurement of time on Mer. 1 season = approx. 1/4 of a year.
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Designated season of the year denoting period of ownership for exchange or usage value.
Time distinctions into which deposited vacation time is divided based on demand. A key component of trading power, as each resort may have different seasons depending on the geographic position, etc.
a good week away
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That which gives relish; seasoning.
To fit for taste; to render palatable; to give zest or relish to; to spice; as, to season food.
Add flavor with salt, pepper, herbs, spices and seasoning mixes.
a series of gruellingly introspective essays in which the author, David Shields, scrutinizes the racial underpinnings of his passion for basketball
a series of moments," muses head coach Tim Wheaton
a welcome relief for basketball fans all over the world who have anxiously awaited this resolution," stated Michael Levy, president and CEO of SportsLine USA
Hence, a period of time, especially as regards its fitness for anything contemplated or done; a suitable or convenient time; proper conjuncture; as, the season for planting; the season for rest.
To render suitable or appropriate; to prepare; to fit.
To fit for any use by time or habit; to habituate; to accustom; to inure; to ripen; to mature; as, to season one to a climate.
Season is a 1989 movie written and directed by the late P. Padmarajan, which is loosely based on Stephen King's The Shawshank Redemption. The movie, though a failure at the box office, stands apart because of Padmarajan's story-telling style, realistic portrayal of drug trade in Kovalam and flawless performance of Mohanlal.
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To imbue; to tinge or taint.
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a marathon, not a sprint
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To copulate with; to impregnate.
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To give token; to savor.
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Hence, to prepare by drying or hardening, or removal of natural juices; as, to season timber.
To become dry and hard, by the escape of the natural juices, or by being penetrated with other substance; as, timber seasons in the sun.
To improve quality by aging, drying, etc. To cure.
a trimester and follows the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) schedule
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The London social season, in which the fashionable high life of the nobility dominated the city. Although families returned from their country houses to London in February, the real season, of balls, parties, sporting events like Ascot and so on, ran only from March through June.
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A season last 14 days in SmallBall. Every other Monday starts a new season. When the season ends your stats reset but not your skills.
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The period during which a bitch will accept mating. Oestrus. Heat
a kaleidoscope, where what previously seemed so obvious suddenly must be viewed in a different light
A period of time not very long; a while; a time.
a recurrent time marked by major holidays; "it was the Christmas season"
a distinguishable period of time
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a draining one, and athletes are easily lulled
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a little past the halfway point
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Season were a post-rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
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a long, exhausting grind
a long seven months
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To coat a pan or other metal cooking surface with oil and then heat it. This prevents sticking by sealing tiny pits on the surface.
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an answer to prayer for those who join me in this search
the change in temperature of a parts of a planet due to the variation of the location where the suns rays are most direct
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an expensive production, and the school district only pays for half
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a great place to start