Definitions for "Holidays"
A term often used to indicate a skipped or missed portion unintentionally left uncoated with paint.
Discontinuities in a coating, such as pinholes, cracks, gaps, or other flaws, that allow areas of the base metal to be exposed to any corrosive environment that contacts the coating surface.
The most common Pagan holidays are (names and spellings vary according to tradition): Samhain 31 October Yule 21 December Imbolc 02 Feb Vernal Equinox 21 March Bealtaine 01 May Midsummer 21 June Lughnassadh 31 July Autumn Equinox 21 September
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a wholly owned fully subsidary of Cyprus
an online accommodation directory for South Africa
a travel agency offering a variety of services, like accommodation, excursions, rent a car, money exchange and many others
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(see Jewish Holiday section)
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things to look forward to and think about most days but only happen for 4 weeks a year.
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