Definitions for "UV Coating"
Coating systems based on unsaturated polyesters or polyacrylates, or a combination of the two, in which ultra-violet light triggers the drying process. This high-energy light breaks chemical bonds in the coating materialâ€(tm)s molecules, which then link up to form long, highly-branched chains, causing the material to solidify. The drying process takes only seconds, which means that UV coatings can be worked quickly. These coatings contain no volatile substances, making the layer thickness of the liquid and dry coating similar. UV coatings can be applied inline in very high layer thicknesses (up to 8 µm), have excellent gloss and can be barely distinguished from laminated products (film-lamination), though they do emit a odor.
A glossy, dull or matte coating applied to printed materials to increase durability and enhance appearance, typically used on annual reports, brochures and catalogs. UV coatings are quickly dried on the press by exposure to ultraviolet light.
A liquid protective coating applied to a print, bonded and cured with ultraviolet light