Definitions for "Coating"
A coat or covering; a layer of any substance, as a cover or protection; as, the coating of a retort or vial.
interior and exterior covering of fabric by a flexible sub- stance. The interior layer assures air tightness, the exterior insures resistance to abrasion.
A liquid, liquifiable or mastic composition that, after application as a thin layer, is converted to a solid protective, decorative or functional adherent film.
a chemical that is sprayed on, baked in, or otherwise affixed to the outside of the shell fabric
The surface of the transfer paper, which, along with the printer inks affixed to it, is transferred to the substrate. Most coatings are transparent or semi-transparent and should only be used on white or light-colored substrates. For dark substrates, look for a transfer paper with an opaque coating.
A liquid or semiliquid protective finish capable of application to thermal insulation or other surfaces, usually by brush or spray, in moderate thickness.
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Consists of re-coating the various fillings of Neuhaus pralines, by passing them under a curtain of heated chocolate in order to create numerous flavours through a divine alchemy.
Slightly sweetened chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content, used to coat chocolate candies.
This is the chocolate which is mainly used for coating and moulding. At Bonnat, the chocolate coating is obtained by blending eight different cocoas which are used to make the cocoa Grands Crus.  Bonnat¹s chocolate coating has been made according to the same recipe since the beginning of the century. We could say that the chocolate coating is in some way the Chocolatier¹s signature. There are only a few handmade chocolate Chocolatiers in France who still produce their own chocolate coating directly from the cacao beans and this obviously limits the number of possible signatures. The European leader in the field of chocolate is the franco-belgian company BARRY-CAIL-LEBOT. It is customary practice for there to be a minimum fat content of 31%, with the final percentage making the chocolate either smoother or stronger to the taste.
Immersion of filter media in a solution to provide the fibers with a coating that will lubricate and thereby reduce self-abrasion.
Immersing the filter medium in a solution to provide the fibers with a coating that will lubricate and thereby reduce self-abrasion; in the case of woven-glass bags, the most common coatings have been Teflon and Siliconegraphite.
A finishing process in which a substance - like rubber, resin or synthetic compounds - covers the fabric on one or both sides. Polyurethane is a common coating for outerwear. Coating typically aids water-resistance.
The application of a semi-liquid material such as rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or polyurethane to one or both sides of the textile material. Once the coating has dried (cured) it forms a bond with the fabric.
Plastics processing technique whereby a polymerized coating is spread over a material (textile, paper, non-woven fabric) to produce leatherette, wall coverings, etc
The internal coatings applied to the tanks of a product tanker. Coated tanks enable the ship to transport corrosive refined oil products and it facilitates extensive cleaning of the tanks, which may be required in the transportation of certain oil product types.
the process of applying photoresist to a wafer, generally by dispensing a small amount of photoresist in the center of a wafer and then spinning the wafer at a high rate to spread and dry the photoresist.
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(see Multicoating)
The inside of some potato chip bags have a metal coating. This coating is actually a thin sheet of metal that is deposited on the plastic. We do the same thing to thinned CCDs! Coatings are deposited in a vacuum chamber, in which nearly all atmospheric air is evacuated (similar to the environment of space). In the accompanying picture, the lower chip has a coating of magnesium fluoride, while the upper chip is thinned but is without a coating.
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a feature on the EVA PRO
To cover a nonchewable tablet with a very light solution for easier swallowing.
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Cloth for coats; as, an assortment of coatings.
Special proprietary polymer coating that acts as a lubricant as the fastener is driven and then adds extra holding power once driven. Most heavy duty fasteners are coated for extra holding power.
a barrier used to separate two highly reactive materials
a better option for the younger patient than a cemented one
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Residue left on the outside of the hair shaft.
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a heavy fabric suitable for coats
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A general term referring to any type of paint, stain, etc.