Definitions for "Lacquer"
A varnish, consisting of a solution of shellac in alcohol, often colored with gamboge, saffron, or the like; -- used for varnishing metals, papier-maché, and wood. The name is also given to varnishes made of other ingredients, esp. the tough, solid varnish of the Japanese, with which ornamental objects are made.
Made from the sap of the lac tree, which turns hard and black on exposure to air and sunlight, and applied in successive layers, lacquer is used as a ground for Chinese or Japanese decoration, usually of figures in landscapes etc. More rarely, dyes were mixed with the sap to produce various colours. It can also be carved, and polished, and layers of differing colours, carved and etched, were often used to great effect.
A solvent-based solution containing modifying agents that gives a glossy, durable finish when applied to a substrate.
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The soft disc cut on a lathe from the master tape. It is the first disc stage in the production of LPs. From the lacquer are made a number of negatives and positives before the negative metal stamper can be created to press vinyl discs.
For vinyl only, this is what the 'cutting' engineer cuts your vinyl to before it is processed and made into a stamper.
Lacquer is one of several types of paint used on models. It is usually found in spray ( rattle) cans, or in bottles intended for use with an airbrush. Model builders must be aware of the types of paint they use on models, because different types of paint may not be compatible with plastic and/or each other. Lacquer must be used with caution, because if used directly on most plastics (without an undercoat of primer) it will usually craze the plastic. Lacquer also cannot be used over enamel, since it will usually damage the underlying layer of enamel.
kind of hair spray
A gum-like substance, coloured and used as a ground for chinoiserie and gilding.
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Laid Paper Laminated
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To cover with lacquer.