Definitions for "Solids"
The part of the coating that forms the finish film and does not evaporate.
The part of the coating that remains on a surface after the vehicle has evaporated. The dried paint film. Also called Nonvolatile.
The part of the paint that does not evaporate but stays on the surface to form a film. Usually measured on a weight or volume basis.
The ability of the CAD software to realize that a volume is filled with solid matter. These CAD systems can display a design so that it looks like a solid object. Includes recognition of surfaces and wireframes.
Dissolved and suspended matter in water. Dissolved solids are those, which are in a solution and not removed by filtration; suspended solids are removed by filtration.
Mass or matter contained in a stream, considered undesirable and should be removed; that part of the discontinuous phase removed from liquid or gas through filtration.
Foods given to babies other than formula or breast milk. Solids are usually introduced when an infant is around 6 months of age.
Food, other than breast milk or formula, introduced to an infant at around 4-6 months of age.
Food, other than breast milk or formula, which is introduced to a baby at around four or six months of age.
Contiguous areas of a single colour that cover more than a few percent of a page are called solids. Solids require special attention by the print shop to avoid pinholes and uneven application of colour.
Typeset with no space between lines, ink coverage of an area would be 100
Large printed areas which are comprised of a colour. Solids use a lot more ink than non solid areas do.
This term is used in reference to solid cam followers - the hydraulic section of the lifter is replaced by solid internals.
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Any particulate that passes through the pump: mud, sand, rock or other debris.
Three-dimensional figures usually referring to lead soldiers.
The soluble sugar and acids content of a solution.
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Balls numbered one through seven.
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Solid substances or bodies; not liquid or gas