Definitions for "Distemper"
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To temper or mix unduly; to make disproportionate; to change the due proportions of.
To derange the functions of, whether bodily, mental, or spiritual; to disorder; to disease.
To deprive of temper or moderation; to disturb; to ruffle; to make disaffected, ill-humored, or malignant.
A morbid state of the animal system; indisposition; malady; disorder; -- at present chiefly applied to diseases of brutes; as, a distemper in dogs; the horse distemper; the horn distemper in cattle.
generalized viral infection in dogs affecting respiratory and nervous systems. Often fatal.
Panleukopenia, or generalized viral infection of cats. Often fatal. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.
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To intoxicate.
Keywords:  angry, disagreeable, mood
an angry and disagreeable mood
Keywords:  tumult, political, disorder
Political disorder; tumult.
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Severity of climate; extreme weather, whether hot or cold.