Definitions for "Brucellosis"
Illness caused by the brucella bacteria, which is transmitted to humans from animals. Characterized by fever, severe sweating, anxiety, generalized aching and abscesses in the bones, spleen, liver, kidney or brain. With treatment, it is rarely fatal, although complications can cause permanent disability.
undulating fever, a disease transmitted from animals to humans through contaminated, unpasteurized milk products. Symptoms include fatigue, chills, joint pains, and a fever that ungulates between normal and 104oF.
highly infectious disease that causes high rate of abortion in cattle herds not vaccinated. Ingested through feed, water or contact with contaminated milk or urine. Also causes reproductive diseases in dogs.
Immunization Saline Immunoassay Salpingitis
Indinavir Reagent Induction Receptor
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Systemic Jaundice