Definitions for "immunization"
the act of making immune (especially by inoculation).
Introduction of an immunogen into a host in order to initiate an immune response against the immunogen.
The process by which a normally vulnerable host can be made resistant to an infectious disease, usually by administration of a vaccine.
Protection against interest rate risk by holding assets and liabilities of equal durations.
The construction of an asset and a liability match that benefits from offsetting changes in value.
A bond portfolio strategy whose goal is to eliminate the portfolio's risk, in case of a general change in the rate of interest, through the use of duration.
an alternative method to deliver a chlamydial subunit immunogen in order to elicit the requisite protective cellular and humoral immune responses
The effect whereby recipients distribute fewer copies of a chain letter if they have recently received one or more chain letters of the same motivational category. CLEVO
A process for designing fixed income portfolios to obtain a target rate of return over a specified time period, within a narrow range, despite market conditions.
the process of creating immunity in an individual.
Strengthening of body immune systems with the help of chemicals and medicine.
an effective intervention in the prevention of a variety of infections that could affect the young child
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a new approach for cancer immune therapy
Making an individual resistant to a harmful agent.