Definitions for "Investment Risk"
The chance you take on how much an investment will go up or down in value, especially over short periods of time. It is the chance you may lose part of your investment
a risk with a bit of surplus cash played on the stock market
The variability (ups and downs) in a fund's investment return. Sources of investment risk include inflation, changes in interest rates, changes in market conditions, and changes in the financial performance of individual companies or industries. Investments with higher expected returns usually involve greater investment risk than investments with lower expected returns.
The possibility of losing your money or not earning as much as you anticipated on an investment.
The possibility of losing money or not gaining value in an investment.
The possibility of an investment losing money or not gaining as much in price as expected.
The extent to which an Investor is prepared to expose assets to the future (positive or negative) performance of the chosen Securities or markets in pursuit of Growth.