Definitions for "alpha"
A coefficient which measures risk-adjusted performance, factoring in the risk...
Alpha measures a stock's move during the month when the S&P 500 index is unchanged. For example, a stock with an alpha of 6 would be expected to rise 6% in a month when the price of the S&P 500 index doesn't change.
The extent to which an asset or portfolio's actual return exceeds or falls short of the expected return - the expected return is a function of the stock or portfolio's Beta. When positive, alpha is often referred to as "extraordinary" or "abnormal" returns.
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In computer graphics, the measure of a pixel's opacity. A pixel with the maximum alpha value is opaque, one with a value of zero is transparent, and one with an intermediate value is translucent.
A setting for the opacity of a certain pixel. A term for under development software or hardware products.
A fourth color component in the RGB color model that represents opacity. By changing Alpha values, images can be rendered completely transparent to completely opaque.
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Advanced 64 bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer - microprocessor that recognizes limited number of instructions) based CPU's from Digital Equipment Corporation.
RISC-based 64-bit CPU from DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) It is designed to run with DOS/Windows, NT and Unix operating systems.
A RISC ( educed nstruction et omputer) architecture developed by Digital Equipment Corporation.
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the highest rank in the social order of each wolf pack. There are both alpha male and alpha female within each pack. Usually this pair are the parents of most of the other members of the pack, as generally only the Alpha pair mate. Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet.
The top rank in the social order of the wolf pack. Since a separate social hierarchy exists for males and females, a pack has both an alpha male and an alpha female. They are usually the parents of most of the other members of the pack.
the dominant member (or pair) of a group such as a pack.
emission 3/4 Particulate radiation consisting of fast moving helium nuclei (2 protons, 2 neutrons) produced by the disintegration of heavy nuclei of atomic number 52.
Alpha radiation is a heavy, very short range particle, and is actually an ejected helium nucleus. Alpha radiation is not able to penetrate human skin. Examples of some alpha emitters are: radium, radon, uranium, thorium.
a particle emitted from the nucleus of an atom, that contains two protons and two neutrons
The first letter in the Greek alphabet, answering to A, and hence used to denote the beginning.
All letters, A through Z, and spaces.
the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet
The user-specified upper bound on the probability of making a Type I error, i.e. P(reject H0 | H0 is true)
The probability of rejecting a null hypothesis when it is true (Type I error).
The probability of a Type I error. Represents the threshold for claiming statistical significance.
an eleven-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith for our lives today
a practical introduction to the basics of Christianity with loads of opportunities for debate and discussion
a practical introduction to the Christian faith
Alpha is a fictional planet orbiting the larger of the two stars in the Alpha Centauri system.
Alpha is a trip hop duo, comprising Corin Dingley and Andy Jenks. They were previously signed to Massive Attack's Melankolic label, and are currently on Don't Touch Recordings, a label they founded. Their debut, ComeFromHeaven, featured Scott Walker, Burt Bacharach, and John Martyn.
Alpha is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. He is a martial artist created by writer Kelley Puckett and artist Damion Scott as a villain to Batgirl, and he first appeared in Batgirl #35 (2003).
thalassaemia. Inherited disorder of haemoglobin involving underproduction of the α-globin chains occurring most commonly in persons from South-East Asia.
Alpha is a 1983 album by rock quartet Asia. After the huge commercial success of their first album, Asia, Alpha sold poorly and was considered a disappointment to most fans. Filled with commercial hooks, Alpha was the product of Geoff Downes' and John Wetton's song-writing.
Alpha is the second album release by Selena Y Los Dinos. When Selena was beginning to emerge as a star, A.B. III became a songwriter and producer.
The emitter-to-collector current gain in a common-base circuit of a transistor. [ Transistor Manufacturers
The ratio of collector current to emitter in a bipolar junction transistor.
the beginning of a series or sequence; "the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end"--Revelations
Alpha (also called RSDN-20 ) is a Russian system for long range radio navigation. It works similar like the former Omega Navigation System in the VLF-range. The alpha system consists of three transmitters, which stand in the proximity of Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Seyda.
A type of cell in the pancreas. Alpha cells make and release a hormone called glucagons. The body sends a signal to the alpha cells to make glucagons when blood glucose falls too low. The glucagons reaches the liver where it tells it to release glucose into the blood for energy.
cells Cells within the pancreatic islets that produce glucagon.
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Functional models available for test & evaluation
Alpha is the test period during which the product is complete and usable in a test environment but not necessarily bug-free. It is the final chance to get verification from customers that the tradeoffs made in the final development stage are coherent.
Test version of software - game related or otherwise - that is a long way from being finished.
A value used in hypotheses testing. Researchers use this value to determine whether or not a certain treatment or variable has an effect.
a common symbol for polarizability ALT Descriptor showing an ALTernative position for an atom ATM AToM BOTX BOTtom value of X BVAL Thermal parameter (B VALue)
Closest to the functional group of atoms in a molecule.
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Alpha Loot
An area within the play environment where early childhood development behaviors will be experienced--primarily for the youngest of the children on the playground (2-5 years old). Slides, sand play areas and toddler swings are typically included.
helix Common secondary structure of proteins in which the linear sequence of amino acids is folded into a right-handed spiral stabilized by hydrogen bonds between carboxyl and amide groups in the backbone. ( Figure 3-6)
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pinene: the most significant host-tree odor in the behavioral complex of the SPB.
antitrypsin deficiency: The most common pediatric inherited disease. Alpha-antitrypsin is a substance made in the liver that stops the breakdown of important chemicals in many of the body's organs.
EEG waves of 8-13 Hz; a variation of adrenergic receptor
a invented by Digital and currently produced by Digital /Compaq and Samsung
Agenda for Leadership in Programs for Healthcare Accreditation
a programmable external editor that uses Textures' Apple Event suite to allow seemless integration
a Beautiful, Exquisite, Intelligent, Desireable, and Respected woman
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Angle of attack of main wing; re: AoA
A development milestone at which the feature set is frozen and the product is fully functional and documented.
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Path loss exponent (rate of path loss change with distance)
The name of a phase or of a certain range of copper alloys which contain one or more alloying elements dissolved in copper, the phase being a homogeneous solid solution.
A brain frequency that is between 8 and 12 c/s. This is the frequency most associated with active meditation. It is while functioning at the Alpha frequency that a person gains the greatest benefits of deep relaxation.
a national honor society recognizing excellence in the study of Political Science
The current amplification factor when connected in a common base configuration.
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All the relations from a word to another have an associated strength value. Alpha is a threshold to be applied on the relationships to be used for computing word chains. If you raise it, you will get less connections. If you lower it, you will get more connections.
A term used to describe the premium an investment earns above a set standard.
Value-added from active management over passive investing.
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The very first set of Magic to have been released in 1993.
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Term used in sealed enclosure designs to mean the ratio of Vas to Vb, where Vb is the volume of the box you will build.
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In a group of dogs, the "top dog," is alpha; groups of dogs will also have a higher alpha which is the owner of the dogs.
top-ranking individual in a specific hierarchy
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The use of alphabetic characters or an alphabetic character string
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a the man women want and the man men want to be
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See alpha channel.
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refers to data that is in text format.
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The physical body.