Definitions for "Electron"
Amber; also, the alloy of gold and silver, called electrum.
one of the fundamental subatomic particles, having a negative charge and about one thousandth the mass of a hydrogen atom. The electron carries (or is) a natural unit of negative electricity, equal to 3.4 x 10-10 electrostatic units, and is classed by physicists as a lepton. Its mass is practically constant at the lesser speeds, but increases due to relativistic effects as the velocity approaches that of light. Electrons are all of one kind, so far as is known. Thus far, no structure has been detected within an electron, and it is probably one of the ultimate composite constituents of all matter. An atom or group of atoms from which an electron has been detached has a positive charge and is called a cation. Electrons are projected from the cathode of vacuum tubes (including television picture tubes) as cathode rays and from radioactive substances as the beta rays. Previously also referred to as corpuscle, an obsolete term. The motion of electrons through metallic conductors is observed as an electric current. A particle identical to the electron in mass and most other respects, but having a positive instead of a negative charge, is called a positron, or antielectron
(e-) Compare with proton and neutron. A fundamental consituent of matter, having a negative charge of 1.602 176 462 × 10-19 coulombs ± 0.000 000 063 × 10-19 coulombs and a mass of 9.109 381 88 × 10-31 kg ± 0.000 000 72 × 10-31 kg [ 1998 CODATA values].
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Electron is a Visa debit card. Anything you buy with an Electron card has to be authorised electronically which means the transaction is more secure. Since you cannot go overdrawn without permission, the issuer can give a debit card to someone opening their first bank account, such as school leavers.
a debit card, and can be used for a cash withdrawal
A Visa debit card. All Electron purchases are subject to electronic authorisation.
Electron was the computer handle of Richard Jones, a member of an underground hacker community called The Realm. Jones, born in June 1969, was one of three members of the group arrested in simultaneous raids by the Australian Federal Police in Melbourne, Australia, on April 2, 1990. All three — Nahshon Even-Chaim (also known as Phoenix), Electron and Nom (real name David John Woodcock) — were convicted of a range of computer crimes involving the intrusion into US defense and government computer systems and the theft of an online computer security newsletter in the late 1980s and early 1990.
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A form of radiation distinct from x-rays. Commonly used as part (boost) of breast conservation radiotherapy to give a higher dose to where the tumour started.
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The Electron was an American concept automobile built in 1977 by American Motors Corporation (AMC).
a hundred thousand times heavier than its neutrino
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a vortex in space-time
a simple agent
a very simple physical form expressing the most rudimentary aspects of life and most simple characteristics of consciousness
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an energy packet
an event more than a thing, and the observer participates in that event by the very act of his or her observation
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a measurement