Definitions for "lepton"
an elementary particle that participates in weak interactions but does not participate in the strong interaction; it has a baryon number of 0. Some known leptons are the electron, the negative muon, the tau-minus particle, and the neutrinos associated with each of these particles.
The fundamental matter particles that do not carry color charge. They are all spin / particles, and include the electron, muon, tau, and their corresponding neutrinos. See also: fundamental particle, spin, electron, neutrino, Debriefing
Along with q uarks, leptons make up all known matter. Unlike quarks, leptons do not participate in strong interactions. Neutrinos and electrons are two common examples. There are three flavors of leptons: electron, muon, and tau.
a very small brass Jewish coin worth half a Roman quadrans each, which is worth a quarter of the copper assarion
Small bronze coin. Originally the smallest practical weight applied to gold and silver. The word "mite" was employed because the coin was so small in size.
A small Greek bronze coin best known as the "Widow's mite" of Palestine; one half Prutah
Lepton is a composition scored for celeste, harp, and piano by Charles Wuorinen and the name of an album of compositions by Wuorinen released on Tzadik (#7007) in 2002 as part of their composer series. Lepton is also the name of Wuorinen's cat.
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100 lepta equal 1 drachma