Definitions for "Positron "
The antiparticle of the electron. A positron has the same characteristics as an electron but it has a positive charge instead of a negative one.
the anti-matter partner of the electron. It is identical in all respects to an electron, but it has positive charge.
An elementary particle with a positive electric charge, but in other respects identical with an electron.
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a positively chargedelectron
Positron (Dr. Raymond Keyes) is a fictional superhero from the City of Heroes backstory. He was created by Matthew Miller, and first appeared in the first issue of the City of Heroes comic.
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A opensource NLE video application. Designed to meet the needs of the mid to high end market. Geared to be a replacement for applications like Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Smoke.
Positron is a video editing application based on Blender. It supports real-time HD and SD editing, an easy-to-learn, user-friendly, intuitive user interface, professional colour correction, DVD authoring, sound editing, a full complement of transitions and fades, editing proxies, renderfarm ability, node-based composition, and much more.
a type of particulate radiation emitted from the nucleus of a decaying atom when a proton is converted into a neutron
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an example of anti-matter