Definitions for "Particle accelerator"
A large and expensive scientific instrument used by physicists to accelerate elementary particles (such as protons or electrons) to speeds near that of light, for the purpose of investigating the fundamental properties of matter; sometimes also called an atom smasher, since the particles thus accelerated are often directed at targets of atoms which are fragmented by the impact into their more fundamental component particles.
machine for boosting particles to nearly light speed and slamming them together in order to probe the structure of matter.
device used to accelerate electrons, protons, and alpha particles and other ions to very high speeds
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a powerful weapon which does both physical and radiation damage, the Damage Rule is intended to reflect this by applying physical damage to the Hull and Radiation Damage to the ship's internals
a scientific instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles
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a circular loop of pipe that, in cross-section, is oval