Definitions for "OVal "
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Of or pertaining to eggs; done in the egg, or inception; as, oval conceptions.
Having the figure of an egg; oblong and curvilinear, with one end broader than the other, or with both ends of about the same breadth; in popular usage, elliptical.
Broadly elliptical.
OVal is a generic Java 5 based object validation framework for any kind of Java objects . Constraints can be expressed with annotations or in XML. OVal supports validation of class fields, method return values, as well as constructor/method parameters. Automatic validation can be achieved by using pre-built AspectJ aspects.
OVal is an extensible object validation framework for Java 5 or later. Annotations or XML configuration files can be used to express class constraints. OVal can optionally use AspectJ to enforce automatic validation .
Oval is an electronic music group founded in Germany in 1991. The band's original members were Markus Popp, Sebastian Oschatz, and Frank Metzger, though Oschatz and Metzger left the group in 1995. All three are regarded as pioneers of glitch, a genre of music which simulates skipping audio.
Some forms of karting (and many other forms of racing) take place on oval tracks. These may be dirt ovals or asphalt ovals. An oval may be either banked or flat. See speedway.
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a specialized ice rink used for speed skating
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In PG(2,q), with q a prime power, an oval is a set of q+1 points, no three of which are collinear.
a ground for Cricket and Australian Rules football
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