Definitions for "Round"
A general discharge of firearms by a body of troops in which each soldier fires once.
One piece of ammunition for a firearm, used by discharging one piece at a time; as, each soldier carried a hundred rounds of ammunition.
One complete small arms cartridge.
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Having a curved outline or form; especially, one like the arc of a circle or an ellipse, or a portion of the surface of a sphere; rotund; bulging; protuberant; not angular or pointed; as, a round arch; round hills.
Full; complete; not broken; not fractional; approximately in even units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.; -- said of numbers.
Full and smoothly expanded; not defective or abrupt; finished; polished; -- said of style, or of authors with reference to their style.
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Uttered or emitted with a full tone; as, a round voice; a round note.
A short vocal piece, resembling a catch in which three or four voices follow each other round in a species of canon in the unison.
A simple sung canon in which all voices enter on the same note after the same time interval.
A series of duties or tasks which must be performed in turn, and then repeated.
A course of action or conduct performed by a number of persons in turn, or one after another, as if seated in a circle.
From one side or party to another; as to come or turn round, -- that is, to change sides or opinions.
The time during which prize fighters or boxers are in actual contest without an intermission, as prescribed by their rules; a bout.
The full combat sequence that occurs between the times that players select moves for their pokemon.
A six-second time period your character has to perform an action in combat.
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One set of games in a tournament.
A round begins with the trump of a player and lasts until all 36 cards have been played. After a round the points will be calculated and added to the chalkboard. After this a new round begins. This will happen until the game is over.
One time around the table for each player to have the opportunity to play.
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Complete and consistent; fair; just; -- applied to conduct.
One work cycle, consisting of drilling blast holes, loading them with explosive, blasting, mucking out, and, if necessary, installing temporary support.
A complete set of plays in a game or contest covering a standard number of individual plays or parts; as, a round of golf; a round of tennis.
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Short for a Pan-Pac commemorative fifty-dollar coin.
Synonym for a round Pan-Pac commemorative fifty-dollar coin.
the original design of parachute. Has limited directional control and merely slows a persons rate of descent by increasing their drag. Be prepared for a hard landing with this type of parachute.
An old style of parachute canopy, these were difficult or impossible to steer and tended to land the user rather hard. Now generally only used for a reserve (and even this is becoming rare).
1) A formation where each skydiver has grips on the arms of those next to him, also known as a star. 2) A round parachute, as opposed to a modern ram-air "square" parachute.
Anything round, as a circle, a globe, a ring. "The golden round" [the crown].
That which goes round a whole circle or company; as, a round of applause.
An assembly; a group; a circle; as, a round of politicians.
A course ending where it began; a circuit; a beat; especially, one freguently or regulary traversed; also, the act of traversing a circuit; as, a watchman's round; the rounds of the postman.
By or in a circuit; by a course longer than the direct course; back to the starting point.
(often plural) a series of professional calls (usually in a set order); "the doctor goes on his rounds first thing every morning"; "the postman's rounds"; "we enjoyed our round of the local bars"
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The step of a ladder; a rundle or rung; also, a crosspiece which joins and braces the legs of a chair.
a crosspiece between the legs of a chair
Having every portion of the surface or of the circumference equally distant from the center; spherical; circular; having a form approaching a spherical or a circular shape; orbicular; globular; as, a round ball.
A circular dance.
Circularly; in a circular form or manner; by revolving or reversing one's position; as, to turn one's head round; a wheel turns round.
On every side of, so as to encompass or encircle; around; about; as, the people atood round him; to go round the city; to wind a cable round a windlass.
To surround; to encircle; to encompass.
be around; "Developments surround the town"; "The river encircles the village"
(verb) to express a number or measurement to a required degree of accuracy, e.g. 543 rounded to the nearest 10 is 540.
(of numbers) to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand; "in round numbers"
Round things are curved. A circle is round. Number Nearest ten Nearest hundred Nearest thousand 368 370 400 1,234 1,230 1,200 1,000 89,355 89,360 89,400 89,000
1) In bidding, the sequence of four consecutive bids, usually starting from the dealer. 2) In duplicate bridge, a set of (usually 2-4) boards which one pair plays against another in pairs games.
(n.) A term used to describe the game period between each deal.
a segment of a Battle in which one attacking champion battles one defending champion
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Same as Round of beef, below.
cuts from the back leg of the animal, slightly less than one-fourth of the total beef carcass located back of the loin.
a cut of beef between the rump and the lower leg
A certain number of arrows, shot from established distances, in competition. A round is made up of ends, as a baseball game is made up of innings.
A formal standard of shooting set number of arrows at set distances. Allows handicap rating to be developed after three rounds are shot. Rounds are distinguished by individual names (often names of Cities in British rounds)
The shooting of a definite number of arrows at specified target faces from set distances. "Rounds" are given names, usually of towns or cities, in the country of origin, e.g.
A series of changes or events ending where it began; a series of like events recurring in continuance; a cycle; a periodical revolution; as, the round of the seasons; a round of pleasures.
One sequence of the steps used in practicing Dynamind.
the sequence of events from one deal through to the next; frequently called a "hand" but distinct here for clarity.
Refers to any one of the games of a round-robin schedule. (See Round-robin Schedule, below)
robin A single ticket with comprised of more than one parlay
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To whisper.
This versatile shape is capable of yielding thick to thin strokes and great detail. Sable rounds point more than bristle rounds when wet.
as in round brush; ferrule is round, brush has pointed tip, used for stroke and detail work like conuna strokes, writing, vines, or eyelashes. Various sizes available.
Having the form of a cylinder; cylindrical; as, the barrel of a musket is round.
a cylindrical body having a rear end and a front and opposite end
The rear portion of an animal, where the more expensive steaks are cut from.
Outspoken; plain and direct; unreserved; unqualified; not mincing; as, a round answer; a round oath.
A walk performed by a guard or an officer round the rampart of a garrison, or among sentinels, to see that the sentinels are faithful and all things safe; also, the guard or officer, with his attendants, who performs this duty; -- usually in the plural.
To go round, as a guard.
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Modified, as a vowel, by contraction of the lip opening, making the opening more or less round in shape; rounded; labialized; labial. See Guide to Pronunciation, § 11.
pronounce with rounded lips
ɹawnd] - adjective for a sound made with the lips rounded.
The most popular shape for diamonds. A well-cut brilliant round diamond should have a total of 58 facets as well as be symmetrical and exhibit a high degree of brilliance.
See brilliant cut.
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One of two known shapes found on Cals. [See Type.
become round, plump, or shapely; "The young woman is fleshing out"
(see back): The mechanical or manual manipulation of the spine of a text block into a convex shape (and the consequent manipulation of the fore edge into a concave shape). Rounding usually precedes backing. Rounding and backing help distribute the swell than naturally occurs with sewing and adhesive binding.
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a regular route for a sentry or policeman; "in the old days a policeman walked a beat and knew all his people by name"
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To go round wholly or in part; to go about (a corner or point); as, to round a corner; to round Cape Horn.
(n) A round is an exterior corner normally found on cast, forged, or molded parts. Like a fillet, a round can indicate that a surface is not machined finished. A round is indicated on engineering drawings as a small arc.
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a paid with add the old woman's such as a bingo in vs maxx texas hold em tv poker Enoteca, reservation near
One of several divisions within a match. Preliminary Matches, Semifinal Matches, Third Place Match, and the Championship Match have two numbered Rounds, plus a Final Round. Round One has 15 Toss-up questions and 15 Bonus questions during Preliminary, Semifinal and Third Place Matches. During the Championship Match, Round One has 20 Toss-up questions and 20 Bonus questions. Round Two has 16 questions played by individuals on both teams during the Preliminary, Semifinal, and Third Place Matches. During the Championship Match, the Final Round has 20 questions played by individuals of both teams. Final Rounds for Preliminary, Semifinal, and Third Place Matches consist of 10 questions, all on the same theme, for team discussion. During the Championship Match, the Final Round has 15 questions for team discussion.
(sports) a period of play during which one team is on the offensive
a question for each branch
In a block cipher, a group of operations applied as a unit that has an inverse that undoes the operation. Most block ciphers define a round operation and then apply that round operation numerous times (though often applying a different key for each round, where the round key is somehow derived from the base key).
Each application of confusion and diffusion in a cipher.
a stage in a competition leading to the eventual identification of the finalists
A stage of competition where an archer is trying to advance from one stage to the next.
A brewer's vessel in which the fermentation is concluded, the yeast escaping through the bunghole.
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from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"
This refers to the division of an order. Each time the check is service totaled, a new round will begin with the next posted item.
an Orlando Advertising Federation Scholarship Fundraiser
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High-frequency rolloff or dip. Not edgy.
In circumference; as, a ball is ten inches round.
A banquet table, usually 60 inches in diameter; also available in 66- and 72-inch diameters.
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See GATT Round
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A round lasts nine tricks
a ingame unit of time that lasts six seconds
Multi-lateral trade negotiations under the auspices of the WTO
a physical brainstorming technique
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Each person has a 2 or 3 minute opportunity to express his or her point of view on a given topic, or passes, while others listen. Used to elicit a range of viewpoints and build a sense of safe participation.
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Roundly; fully; vigorously.
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a single ASCII Text record in the Master Database (MDB)
Not inconsiderable; large; hence, generous; free; as, a round price.
or round of chelation - Refers to a period of taking/giving a chelation agent, followed by a period of not taking/giving a chelation agent. The period of taking/giving a chelation agent is usually a few days. Chelation proceeds in a series of these "rounds". See also on, off and 3/4 (in this glossary)
One of a series of periods, separated by rests, making up a match.
Returns a decimal number rounded to a specified number of places.
express as a round number; "round off the amount"
A term used during a draft. The number of rounds per draft is equal to the number of players a fantasy owner needs to draft.
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A term used by painters to denote the consistancy of paint which is somewhat thick or stiff.
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A 360° round moulding, most often used as a closet pole.
attack in speech or writing; "The editors of the left-leaning paper attacked the new House Speaker"
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A vessel filled, as for drinking; as, to drink a round od ale together.
no hard edges, ready to drink
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Coals are large coals.
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bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state; "polish your social manners"
a rule to follow when making an approximation to a given number by using fewer significant figures.
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See "Simulator Round".
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a song that is repeated (usually two or three times) by several groups
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Rotation, as in office; succession.
a minimal time interval over which every process which has not yet terminated executes at least one step
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a type of musical composition
Is typically a function that rounds up to one if .5 or greater and to zero if less then
a financing event usually involving several private equity investors.
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the usual activities in your day; "the doctor made his rounds"
a serving to each of a group (usually alcoholic); "he ordered a second round"
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On all sides; around.
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See trade round.
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See Roundtop.