Definitions for "Samsara"
Sufferings, Hindu-Buddhist perception of life made of tribulations.
Tib. khorwa] "cyclic existence", "vicious circle" or "round" of birth, death and rebirth within the six realms of existence, characterized by suffering, impermanence and ignorance; the state of ordinary sentient beings fettered by ignorance and dualistic perception, karma and disturbing emotions; ordinary reality, an endless cycle of frustration and suffering generated as the result of karma.
the continuing journey of the soul on its cycle of birth, death and rebirth as it heads towards enlightenment.
The world as perceived by ordinary people, and generally considered unsatisfactory.
the unenlightened, unsatisfactory experience of life.
the universe as perceived by the senses, a state inherently unsatisfactory.
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Samsara is a large format film currently in production. The film is directed by experimental filmmaker Ron Fricke, and it will pose as a sequel to the highly acclaimed 1992 film Baraka.