Definitions for "Enlightenment "
the period of the revolutionary struggle of the rising bourgeoisie from 1730 to 1789; the name is derived from the fight against obscurantism (Church dogmas and absolutism).
A Buddhist term which means to have grasped the ultimate reality and escaped the endless repetition of birth, life, death and rebirth. A name given to the Age of Reason in the Americas and Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was marked by great advances in science, democracy, industry, human rights and religious tolerance.
The movement, beginning in 18th- century Germany, to broaden the intellectual and social horizons of the Jews to enable them to take their place in Western society. Commonly referred to by the Hebrew term "Haskalah" (related to "intellect"), with its attitude of attraction to general knowledge, secular learning and Western culture.
enlightenment: "He who is awakened!" God Realization, Self Realization, Integrated Ascension, Samadhi, Resurrection, Liberation, Graduation. Moksha. Nirvana.
(byang chub) Usually seen as the same as the state of buddhahood but sometimes also the lower stages of enlightenment of an arhat or pratyekabuddha.
Complete enlightenment is a state of realization in which the most subtle traces of ignorance about the nature of reality are eliminated and highest wisdom - the state of omniscience - is attained; it is sometimes called "the embodiment of the Three Kayas".
A term which refers to the continuous process of personal unfoldment, in the expansion of consciousness. A state of being which recognizes truth to be the guiding factor of life, and which embodies the principles of natural law that compose it.
The final attainment on the spiritual path, when the limited sense of "I" merges into supreme Consciousness.
Universal consciousness; traditionally compared to a mind full of light.
Enlightenment is a themeable, fast, flexible, and powerful window manager that is designed to be as configurable as possible in both look and feel. In addition, Enlightenment provides an applet API that provides functionality somewhere between the GNOME applet system and Dock Apps from Afterstep/WindowMaker. The current design aim is for Enlightenment to become a desktop shell.
Enlightenment, also known simply as E, is an open source window manager for the X Window System which can be used alone or in conjunction with a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE. It has a rich feature set, including extensive support for themes and advanced graphics without sacrificing good performance. As such, Enlightenment is sometimes deployed as a substitute for a full desktop environment.
a state of serenity and knowledge, achieved through meditation, that enables one to be of most benefit to others
The highest challenge and goal of existence. It is such a difficult feat that it may take several lifetimes to achieve. There are different ways to achieve this state through meditation, study, virtuous living and religious devotion.
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same as AufklÄrung.
Enlightenment is an album by Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, released in 1990 (see 1990 in music.)
Enlightenment is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was originally broadcast in four twice-weekly parts from March 1 to March 9, 1983. The serial was the third of three loosely connected serials known as the Black Guardian Trilogy.
The period of Lent during which the elect are involved in the final stage of preparation for celebrating the rites of initiation. ( may also be called illumination and purification ).
(all knowing, unqualified knowledge, living outside of illusions, living in bliss)
The conscious recognition of one's Transcendental Nature.
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the act of gaining spiritual knowledge, especially about the pure white Light
Enlightenment is a window manager for the X11 windowing system. Its design goal is to be as configurable as possible - in look AND in feel.
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Act of enlightening, or the state of being enlightened or instructed.
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