Definitions for "Alaya"
(Skt) The "indissoluble"; in Buddhism the universal soul or mahabuddhi.
the highest octave of the Divine Will, the living force that animates the ensouling entity. Identifying where the Alaya is manifest will reveal your cutting edge of spirituality.
An abbreviation of Alaya-vijanana. Alaya is a sort of eternal substance or matter, creative and containing all forms; when considered as a whole, it is non-existent, or contains nothing; when considered phenomenal, it fills the universe. It seems to be of the nature of materialism. It is the store or totality of consciousness both absolute and relative. It is described as the fundamental mind-consciousness of conscious beings, which lays hold of all the experience of the individual life, and which stores and holds the germs of all affairs. It is the last of Eighth Consciousness from which them Wisdom of Great Round Mirror is derived.
Keywords:  samsara, nirvana, basis
The basis of all of samsara and nirvana.