Definitions for "Transpersonal psychology"
Transpersonal psychology: a more traditional term or word in traditional colleges and universities for the study of Spiritual and Soul psychology
The formal study of experiences, beliefs, and practices which seem to suggest that the sense of one's self may extend beyond our personal and individual perceptions of reality. The field of transpersonal psychology overlaps on finer points with the field of "parapsychology", but the two disciplines often employ different approaches and emphases on finer points of contention. To illustrate, the field of parapsychology is primarily focused on the investigation of evidence to either support or disclaim the reality of "paranormal" phenomena. Conversely, transpersonal psychology tends to focus more of the transpersonal significance of such phenomena by exploring such points as the 'universal' or 'spiritual' aspects of the case.
Movement stressing full sensory, psychic and spiritual development.