Definitions for "Subconscious mind"
subconscious mind: one of the three minds which each possesses. The subconscious mind is a nonreasoning mind. It is like a computer. It has a great many abilities (stores all our habits, memories,....) but has no ability to program itself. It needs to programmed by the conscious mind who ideally is in attunement with the Superconscious Mind (=an aspect of the Mind of God inside of us).
the band of the mind that stores memory, organizes and processes experience, utilizes the faculty of imagination and visualization, and operates the subtle mechanisms of karma. It lies between the Conscious mind and the Metaconscious mind.
Part of the mind which functions below the levers we are able to access in the course of a normal working day. This area stores symbolic knowledge, dreams, the most minute details of every experience ever had by a person.