Definitions for "Khandha"
Heap or aggregate. The five khandhas are the component parts of sensory experience, the basis for one's sense of "self". They are: physical form or sense data; feelings; perceptions and mental labels; thought-constructs; and sensory consciousness (the mind being counted as the sixth sense).
aggregate or group of existence. There are five khandhas, one of them being physical phenomena, one feelings, one perception or remembrance, one cetasikas other than feeling and perception, and one consciousness. Thus, there are five khandhas, groups of conditioned realities.
The component parts of sensory perception; physical and mental phenomena as they are directly experienced: rupa (sensations, sense data), vedana (feelings of pleasure, pain, or indifference), sañña (labels, names, concepts, allusions), sankhara (mental fabrications, thought formations), viññana (sensory consciousness).