Definitions for "Subliminal"
Existing in the mind, but below the surface or threshold of consciousness; that is, existing as feeling rather than as clear ideas.
having or using an intensity of sensory stimulus insufficient to be perceived consciously, but having an effect on unconscious mental processes; as, subliminal advertising.
so subtle a sensory stimulus that one is not aware of its existence but may in some manner respond to it.
Keywords:  kobi, shimoni, ya'akov, tact, rap
Ya'akov "Kobi" Shimoni (Hebrew: יעקב "קובי" שמעוני, born November 13, 1979), generally known by his rap name Subliminal (Hebrew: סאבלימינל), is an Israeli rap artist and music producer. He and the stable of artists on his label, TACT Records, are the best-selling Israeli musical group of all time, with over 10 #1 hit singles in Israel and over 1 million records sold worldwide to date, and TACT Records is Israel's largest music label.