Definitions for "Hypnosis"
Supervention of sleep.
The condition of being hypnotized or the process of hypnotizing a person; hypnotism{1}.
temporary, induced trancelike state; intense concentration changes the way the brain processes perceptions, makes the person suggestible to instructions. Used therapeutically to help people stop smoking, to alleviate pain and so forth.
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Hypnosis (2005) is the first published novel by Lucas Hyde. The first edition was published as an encrypted e-book on May 5, 2005. A revised second edition followed shortly, published August 1, as a print-on-demand paperback.
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CAM technique that can be useful in turning a breech baby, in holding off premature labor, and in providing pain management during labor and delivery
The Hypnosis page discusses medical/analytical hypnosis and answers the questions: What is hypnosis? What can it help? What to expect
Intentionally helping people un-wind loops they've put themselves in and drawing out what's present in them and they desire.
a nonpharmacologic means for managing adverse surgical side effects
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Edit Delete
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a consent state, you hold the key to entry