Definitions for "awareness"
conscious knowledge; as, he had no awareness of his mistakes.
a state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness; as, the crash intruded on his awareness.
One of the three components of consciousness, and second most causal, providing cohesion for units of Energy in a given pattern, at the direction of intent.
One of the goals of brand advertising, as brand advertising doesn’t solicit immediate, direct sales, but intends to form favorable impressions that will (hopefully) motivate the consumer to seek out and buy the advertiser’s product or service.
Describes the extent to which customers are familiar with a product or company.
Awareness is how well-known a company, brand, or product is. Companies will typically set a goal for awareness (say, 80 percent of their target audience will recognize the brand name), and then spend as smartly as they can towards that goal.
The notion that to be cognizant of information is to be able to report that the information is being, or has been, perceived. go to glossary index
The self-cognizant quality of mind, developed and clarified in meditation practice.
Three of the nine centers of the Body Graph. The Spleen center is the oldest awareness, one humans share with other forms of life. It is the awareness of the body: instinct, intuition and taste. It works only in the present. The Ajna center is the awareness of the mind, probably only about 90'000 years old. It works in past, present and future. The Solar Plexus center is emotional awareness, the spirit, and only about to emerge from being purely an energy. free introduction brochure by mail
The continual process of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence, information, and knowledge to allow organizations and individuals to anticipate requirements and to react effectively and safely.
insight; understanding.
Identify and understand threats, assess vulnerabilities, determine potential impacts and disseminate timely information to our homeland security partners and the public.
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Energy awareness is achieved by analysis and benchmarking of facility energy price and usage trends. Benchmarking of performance can be assessed for one facility or for the entire corporate portfolio, including comparison with the best practices in its industry. Prenova® works with its customers to analyze this information to create plans and implement programs to deliver measurable, sustainable energy spend savings. For Prenovaâ€(tm)s customers, this is done via Prenovaâ€(tm)s Value Assessor offering.
Refers to the knowledge that certain actions and behaviors can directly lead to specific outcomes, including social outcomes. Braces Any of a variety of devices used in orthopedics for holding joints and limbs in place.
One's ability to be aware of his or her surroundings. This skill can be very useful across the spectrum of professions / orders / guilds.
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EThere has been a raising of awareness about the environment.