Definitions for "Introspection"
A view of the inside or interior; a looking inward;
the act or process of self-examination, or inspection of one's own thoughts and feelings; the cognition which the mind has of its own acts and states; self-consciousness; reflection.
the process whereby people look inward and examine their own thoughts, feelings, and motives
A procedure whereby trained subjects are asked to report on their conscious experiences. This was the principal method of study in early twentieth-century psychology.
The examinaiton of one's subjective experiences.
Observing and reporting on the subjective events that occur in one's own "conscious" mind. This was the primary tool for "psychological" research prior to the new approaches developed in the 20th Century, such as "psychoanalysis" and "behaviorism".
A means by which Java classes can determine the methods and instance variables of a class within the virtual machine. This mechanism is chiefly used in the Java Beans architecture to allow Java environments to discover the capabilities of a Java component without the component's source code.
The ability of an object to reveal information about itself as an object--such as its class and superclass, the messages it can respond to, and the protocols it conforms to.
The mechanism that exposes the functionality of a component to the outside world.