Definitions for "Introvert"
To turn or bend inward.
A person who is introverted; one concerned predominantly with himself or his own feelings. Contrasted with extrovert.
a person who tends to direct their energies inward, shrinking from social contacts and being preoccupied with their own thoughts..
an intrigueing challenge to me, a mystery that I awakes my curiousness and that I just have to know more about and get closer too
portion of polypide that extends from the zooid and bears the lophophore to feed.
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A person who is shy.
a person who is socially reserved and prefers to pay attention to his or her private mental experiences. (449)
turn inside; "He introverted his feelings"
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To look within; to introspect.
being imprisoned in a fantasy world (virtual)
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See tentacle sheath.
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A part that can be introverted{1}.