Definitions for "True Friend"
a forever friend
a friend forever Promises may gain friends, but it is performance that keeps them
a friend for life
a cherished and precious possession who knows all our hopes and fears, and someone to treasure deep down in our hearts with a closeness that grows through the years
a jewel to be cherished, and not easily found
a person of great understanding who shares all our hopes and our schemes
Keywords:  bird, rare, gift, god, loves
a gift from God
a gift of God, and He only who made hearts can unite them
a God-sent blessing, a divine attribute and a rare bird
Keywords:  forgot, ally, alive, can't, bought
an ally, who can't be moved or bought, A voice to keep your name alive, when others have forgot
Keywords:  sturdy, shelter, storms, medicine, life
a medicine of life'
a sturdy shelter from the storms of life
Keywords:  valuable, thing
a valuable thing
Keywords:  fairly, doesn't, story, need, short
a fairly short story, but it doesn't need to be long
Keywords:  hang, duration, illness, actually, one
One who can actually hang in there for the duration of the illness.
Keywords:  encourager, tears, down, builds, one
an encourager--one who builds up, rather than tears down