Definitions for "Tribute"
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a pretty good album to have if you like to tap your feet to Western music (the Country listeners put it on their charts long ago)
a song or album created in honor of a group
"Tribute", or unofficially, "A Tribute to the Best Song in the World" is the first single of Tenacious D's self-titled debut album. It was released July 16, 2002.
An annual or stated sum of money or other valuable thing, paid by one ruler or nation to another, either as an acknowledgment of submission, or as the price of peace and protection, or by virtue of some treaty; as, the Romans made their conquered countries pay tribute.
payment by one nation for protection by another
money paid regularly by one ruler or nation to another as acknowledgement of subjugation, for protection from invasion, etc.
an excellent site devoted to Olivia DeHavilland, Vivien Leigh's GWTW costar
an independent site that shares no affiliation with Warner Bros
Something done or created to show thanks or respect
a great way to tell someone you are thinking about them
a note or testimonial that someone leaves about you on your profile (or that you leave for a friend on theirs
something given or done as an expression of esteem
Nonlegislative action that does not require introduction or floor action. Tributes usually take the form of expressing the congratulations, recognition, appreciation, greetings, or sentiment of the General Assembly.
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Tribute is a play by Bernard Slade.
an exercise in fifties deluxe, despite its Pink Floyd soundtrack
To pay as tribute.
payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence; "every store in the neighborhood had to pay him protection"
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Old English gafol, tribute or tax to the King or lord gablum
A personal contribution, as of money, praise, service, etc., made in token of services rendered, or as that which is due or deserved; as, a tribute of affection.
a unique audio portrait of this remarkable woman, tracing her
A certain proportion of the ore raised, or of its value, given to the miner as his recompense.
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PC based ticket issuing system
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a simple title, but we all know to whom it refers
a side-payment, not an integral part of the process of governance
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See Memorial.