Definitions for "Floyd"
Robotic chef and cooking unit, acquired by Lycroft on Arawne. Unclaimed by any owner at Planteth Spaceport, so adopted by the crew of the Legacy and named by Tepi. [ 19 | 21 | 22
bot, Floyd lives in the Toyshop. You can use him to run IF games over the MUD, as well as multiplayer games like Werewolf. To find out how he works, go to the Toyshop and look floyd's instructions.
Keywords:  gtk, opengl, vrml, exploiting, argument
Floyd is object-oriented 3D development environment for X/OpenGL, written extensively in C/Gtk+, and exploiting Gtk+ advanced type inheritance and argument system. It contains geometric library, scene graph library, vrml importer and several test programs
Fire support surveillance base constructed in 1970